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In September 2018, the Lycée Molière set up a CEB preparatory course for both primary school children at their first CEB attempt and secondary school pupils without a CEB equivalence.

Set in the Lycée Molière’s characteristically positive and structured environment, the CEB preparatory course has two main goals:

  1. In-depth revision of basic skills (mainly in French and mathematics) by reviewing all the knowledge accrued in primary school to ensure that the children successfully pass the CEB at the end of the year and can start secondary school confidently.
  2. Encouraging the children’s personal development and increasing their range of interests through the introduction of creative activities that bring learning to life (reading, music, school trips …).

This class has a limited number of students: this allows teachers to provide each child with tailored support, focusing on individual needs and difficulties.

Personalized supervision is also available after school at the Homework School where teachers help students with their assignments and test preparation.

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