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A small personal international school

The Lycée Molière is an international francophone school with an English immersion program. Our goal is to give each student the means to succeed in a warm and demanding environment.

English immersion

English immersion at Lycée Moliere is offered for students looking to take their English to the next level and reap a lifetime of benefits. The Lycée considers languages to be best learnt when immersed in the target language. (…)

Homework School

The Homework School is open to all secondary school students. It provides students with support in completing their homework assignments, as well as specific and personalized help to tackle any difficulties that may arise. (…)

Programming & Robotics

In the schedule of each class is included one weekly hour of computer course.  It’s a way of thinking that allows you to codify a process and make it achievable. (…)

Personalized support

Currently 5 to 10% of children/ adolescents are affected by a “dys”-type disability (dyslexia, dysphasia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, dysorthography …), a dysfunction located in a specific area of the brain that disrupts their learning in a specific set of tasks. (…)

CEB (Certificat d'Etude de Base)

In September 2018, the Lycée Molière set up a CEB preparatory course for both primary school children at their first CEB attempt and secondary school pupils without a CEB equivalence. (…)

NEWS (french)

Coronavirus et enseignement

Le Lycée Molière s’organise pour poursuivre un enseignement à distance de qualité. Les élèves suivent…

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Open Days

Après une présentation générale qui vous fera découvrir la pédagogie et l’esprit de l’école, vous…

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[Carnaval]  Amérique

En ce dernier jour de cours avant les vacances de Carnaval, les rhétoriciens ont préparé…

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