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English immersion at Lycée Moliere is offered for students looking to take their English to the next level and reap a lifetime of benefits.

The Lycée considers languages to be best learnt when immersed in the target language. Therefore, in addition to their English course, third year students (and year 4 from September 2018, year 5 from 2019, etc.) have the option to enrol in our English language immersion program. This adds four additional periods of English language instruction to their schedule. Currently history, ethics  and geography are the 3 courses offered for these additional hours. In the future, more subjects will be added as needed.

The immersion program emphasises an active collaborative learning environment to help students engage class content from multiple approaches. Activities, projects and group work provide students with various academic opportunities to reinforce their knowledge of subject material while discovering new English vocabulary and grammar. Group work is designed to specifically help lower level students to improve their English language communication, through collaborative exercises that allow learning to take place in a natural – peer level – communicative atmosphere. Hands on learning, excursions and multi-media are planned regularly for the relaxation, diversity, and the enjoyment of the students. Individualised tutoring and fluency training is offered for students in the program, during Ecole des devoirs, to further augment and support student learning.

The ultimate goal of the immersion program is to offer students native English course instruction, in addition to differentiated and engaging content, that challenges each student to surpass the standard level of English language acquisition and strive for fully fluent academic English by the completion of their final year at Lycée Moliere.

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