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The Lycée Molière / European School of Brussels-Argenteuil is an international school located in Waterloo (15 km from Brussels) offering a multilingual curriculum from nursery to the end of the secondary cycle.

The nursery cycle offers a choice between the European Schools curriculum (in French, English, Swedish and Norwegian) and the Montessori pedagogy with a bilingual French-English class.

The primary cycle offers the European Schools curriculum in four language sections: English, French, Swedish and Italian.

For the secondary cycle, our programme follows the European Schools curriculum up to S5 in the French and English language sections, after which students have the possibility to opt for the last two years of their education between the Belgian CESS programme (approved by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation), the International Baccalaureate (in English) and the European Baccalaureate.

Our school offers its students a unique learning environment, located at the gates of Brussels in an exceptional historical and natural area with all the academic, sporting and artistic facilities required for excellent teaching.

In a stimulating international and multilingual context, we offer an education that is attentive to the individuality of our students, aiming to give each one of them the possibility of experiencing a fulfilling schooling by constantly cultivating a taste for learning and a desire to surpass themselves. A caring family environment and small class sizes allow us to follow our students closely and to take into account their individual needs, so that each of them can meet the requirements of the curriculum.

We place at the heart of our teaching European values, the search for beauty and truth and the transmission of the natural and cultural heritage of which we are the guardians. We want not only to offer our students a solid intellectual training but also to help them discover and cherish what is most authentically human in them so that they can become self-aware, curious about others, generous and demanding adults who will have to face the world of tomorrow with the complexity of its issues and the grandeur of its challenges.

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