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The main difficulties encountered by high school students often lie in the crucial phase of knowledge acquisition that takes place outside the classroom, rather than in the complexity of the subject matter itself.

Completing work independently following given instructions and implementing an effective study method to prepare tests are in fact the two most essential skills that students must acquire at school. However, these are not the subject of any specific course and teachers still often mistake inability for unwillingness when students fail to produce satisfactory personal work.

In light of this, all classes at the Lycée Molière dedicate one hour a week to the acquisition of an efficient work method, taught by the teachers assisted by our school coach. Our goal can be summed up very simply: learning to learn.

A number of essential skills are developed, adapted to the students’ age and subject matter:

  • How to get to work, maintaining attention and concentration despite numerous distractions?
  • Which learning method is best suited to a student’s specific memory model?
  • How to make a summary, a synthesis, a mind map?
  • How to plan work in the short, medium and long term?
  • How to read instructions, how to manage stress and time during a test?

These are all essential lifelong learning skills: their acquisition during secondary school will allow our students to proceed through higher education confidently, where 60% of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation students fail in the first year.

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